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Which Type of AdWords Campaign Is Right for My Auckland Business?


AdWords campaigns come in plenty of different flavours to match your advertising goals.

We’re fully certified and experienced in running every type of AdWords campaign, the different types of AdWords campaigns are:

Search Network

This is what people typically think of when it comes to AdWords. The Search Network is text-based ads that appear in Google and other partnered websites directly within the search results that you choose to appear in. For example, as a diving instructor you may want to target the search term “diving instructions” to target high-potential customers for your business.

Display Network (Remarketing)

The Display Network targets people with ads on popular websites, YouTube videos and in apps like Gmail. The display network often shows images that when clicked will go to your website.

This format of advertising is also what people use for remarketing. If you’ve ever looked at a product than started seeing it advertised on other websites, that’s remarketing in action. Remarketing shows ads to people who have visited your website to reel back in abandoned customers and interested users.

Video Campaigns

Video campaigns show video ads on places like YouTube and the Display Network. These are the ads that occur before a video plays in YouTube and there’s different types of these video ads including skippable (in-stream) or non-skippable (bumper) ads.

Shopping Campaigns

One of the new kids on the block, Shopping campaigns are perfect for retailers wanting to promote their products. Shopping ads appear directly within the search results and can include information like the product name, product image, ratings, free shipping and more to entice users. The current advantage with shopping ads right now is that business experience much higher clickthrough rates, translating to a broader presence for less cost.

Get in contact with us today about your advertising plans and we can help you pick which one is right for you.


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