Building an Intelligent Chatbot for an Award Winning Butcher.

Web Application Development

Aussie Butcher New Lynn is a well known Auckland butcher who has won many awards like the 2017 Supreme Ham of the Year Award and the Alto 2017 Butcher of the Year Award.

The Challenge

Aussie Butcher New Lynn offers meat boxes to order on social media, including their Facebook page with over 4000 likes. To manage ordering on social media, Aussie Butcher New Lynn wanted a Facebook chatbot that customers would find easy to use.

The Goals

The goal for this Facebook chatbot was to create a system which was both easy for customers to order meat boxes with and easy for Aussie Butcher New Lynn to manage so they could easily track and fulfill orders. Automation was crucial, and the chatbot also needed to fulfill a wide range of additional ways a customer would interact with their Facebook page as well as handle new unexpected forms of input.

The Job

KiwiSprout was engaged to build a new Facebook chatbot for Aussie Butcher New Lynn. We analysed how customers currently interacted with their Facebook page to create an intuitive flow of engaging communication between the chatbot and the user that appropriately handled the wide variety of requests and questions a person could ask.

To handle free-form conversing between the user and the chatbot, we utilised Amazon Lex to develop natural language understanding that recognised the intent of the message and determined an appropriate response.

We also integrated their chatbot with other systems they use for full automation, including sending completed meat box orders from Facebook Messenger to Google Spreadsheets for easy order fulfilling and tracking. As a benefit of developing this chatbot with serverless architecture, we can also easily integrate new forms of automation into the chatbot as well, such as with customer relationship software or other applications.

The Results

Hundreds of people order meat boxes from Aussie Butcher New Lynn’s chatbot every month with full automation to minimise time spent responding to customer queries. All of their orders automatically go into a spreadsheet without any handling of data required so that Aussie Butcher New Lynn can easily fulfill and track new meat box orders.

Project Details

Date Published: 26/09/18Client: Aussie Butcher New LynnLink:

Technologies Used

GraphQLGitLab CI/CDReactAWS