AWS is the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. By using a provider like AWS that is trusted by millions of business owners we can deliver a seamless experience for our clients that elevates their business.

How do we use AWS?

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, fits perfectly into our serverless architecture and product-centric approach. By using the latest in modern technology such as AWS DynamoDB, AWS AppSync, and AWS Lambda, we can provide our clients with a competitive advantage that provides their digital projects with a seamless experience at a low infrastructure cost.

Developing a Data Collection Application for Android, iOS and the Web

Locale Central is a data collection app that makes it easy to record data out on the field. As part of our full service application development, we needed to create an application for the web and for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Additional to this, a serverless website was also needed to be created that communicates the benefits of Locale Central and onboards prospective users. Learn how we carried out our full service application development that delivers and markets the application across all platforms.

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AWS for Web Applications

We use AWS to create web applications and APIs for our clients. By leveraging AWS, we can create digital projects that utilise the latest technology to deliver you a secure and high performing web application that scales effectively with demand. AWS has all the services you need for a successful web application, including services for managing users, handling data, storing files, processing requests, and more.

Developing a custom loyalty solution

From humble beginnings as a Trade Me account started in 2015, Game Kings is now New Zealand's largest online store dedicated to tabletop gaming.

Learn how we created a custom loyalty system that integrates with their new Shopify store, providing a unique shopping experience that engages customers.

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AWS for Websites

We use AWS to create high performing serverless websites for our clients. AWS has everything you need for creating a fast website that scales with demand, including AWS S3 for hosting your website, AWS Cloudfront as a content delivery network that distributes your website globally, and more to provide the best experience for your customers.