Database Migration

Moving your data from one platform to another can get messy. You want the process to be as smooth as possible, without losing any valuable data along the way. Our team has a proven track record of assisting businesses with moving their database and other resources to new platforms.

Database Migration Experts

Our clients choose us to migrate their database because they know we have the skills and experience to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you’re looking at moving a website, web application, or just the database, we’ll audit your current infrastructure and come up with a plan to migrate it to the platform you’d like to move it to.

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Migrating a Product Database to Shopify

The Scullery is Hamilton’s favourite seller of quality kitchenware, trusted for over 20 years and stocking the best quality brands.

The Scullery used a custom built ecommerce solution for over a decade, but with the rise of Shopify they were looking to migrate over so that they could utilise the features of the platform. Shopify is great for both large and small businesses, providing built-in solutions for everything you need to run your store such as payment gateways, inventory management, order fulfillment and more.

The Scullery chose KiwiSprout to develop their new Shopify website because they knew we have a strong set of experience, working with some of New Zealand’s largest stores in a variety of industries. Learn how we migrated The Scullery’s inventory over to the Shopify platform and made operating their store easy.

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Database Migration to Shopify

Are you looking to move your database to Shopify? We are experts at taking databases or old platforms like Woocommerce and migrating your data into the Shopify platform. When you migrate to Shopify, we can help you take full advantage of the features and integrations available with Shopify to drive more sales and captivate your customers.

Database Migration to Serverless

Are you looking to move your database to the serverless architecture? Our team can help you audit your existing database architecture and come up with a plan to move your database to AWS DynamoDB, AWS Aurora, or any other serverless database solution. We are New Zealand’s leading experts on serverless technology, contact us today to learn how you could go serverless.