Consulting for New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Fitness Franchise


Flex Fitness is New Zealand’s fastest growing fitness franchise with a focus on consistently providing the most relevant exercise, nutrition and fitness education systems to their members.

The Challenge 

From the beginning, Flex Fitness was already skilled in their branding and marketing efforts which could be seen from their website and other marketing materials. What Flex Fitness wanted was a fresh perspective on what they could be doing to improve their marketing activities further, filling in the gaps on their strategy. 

The Goals 

The goal for this consulting was to help Flex Fitness and their internal marketing team reach higher marketing KPIs and teach them new strategies for marketing areas such as Google Ads, SEO, content creation and ecommerce. 

The Job 

KiwiSprout was engaged for consulting Flex Fitness to show them new strategies for getting the most out of their campaigns and other marketing activities. Together with Flex Fitness, we came up with an agenda that suited their focus and showcased modern marketing strategies that they could use to achieve great results. 

The Results 

We’ve shown Flex Fitness new strategies that they’ve used to improve their marketing campaign’s performance and build upon what they knew well to result in a fitness franchise with a toolbelt of the latest marketing tactics to build their online presence and achieve their online goals.

Project Details

Client: Flex FitnessLink:

Technologies Used

ShopifyGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AdsGoogle Search Console