Developing a custom loyalty solution for New Zealand’s #1 online board game store

Web Application Development

Game Kings is enjoying a custom loyalty web application that integrates with their website to deliver an engaging shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

The Challenge

Game Kings is New Zealand’s favourite supplier of board, card & party games with a following of over 25,000 people across social media and hundreds of stocked games.

As part of a website redesign, which you can read the case study for here, Game Kings wanted us to create a custom loyalty solution that fit their needs.

Game Kings had tried plenty of Loyalty Systems in the past, but none felt truly integrated with the store and shopping experience, often forcing customers to have a separate login for the loyalty system that took them away from the website.

This new loyalty system needed to feel like an integrated part of the website and connect with customer’s existing accounts, as well as provide the flexibility to entice and engage customers with new ideas.

The Process

Planning & Research

The first step was to identify how the loyalty system would work, and how customers would use it. To do this, we researched how customers currently interacted with Game Kings, as well as how customers engage with existing loyalty systems. From our research we came up with a plan for customers would use the loyalty system, as well as a set of features including:

  • A fully automated referral code system where customers could earn loyalty from people using their referral code, offering a small discount to the person who uses it.
  • The ability to see loyalty points information throughout the Shopify website, including how much points the customer currently has, and how much loyalty points they would get for purchasing a product.
  • Earning loyalty points from purchasing a product automatically, as well as by completing certain actions like subscribing to their newsletter, or logging in every week to earn a small amount of points.
  • A built in loyalty store that showed a set of offers and products that can be bought with loyalty points, such as a $10 voucher or a board game.
  • A secure admin area for Game Kings where they can view insights on how people are using the loyalty system, update their loyalty products, and manage customer’s loyalty accounts.
  • Integration with Klaviyo, their email marketing platform, to segment and target customers based on their engagement with the loyalty system.

With our strong set of experience in both Shopify and web application development, we knew exactly what features could be implemented and integrated with Shopify, giving Game Kings confidence that their ideas were possible.


With a clear idea of how customers would use the loyalty system with Game King’s Shopify store, we produced a supplementary set of designs for the loyalty pages of the website alongside the designs we produced as part of their website redesign. 

An important part of this stage was getting the user experience perfect so that the loyalty system would be adopted by their customers and feel like the rest of the website.

To create the designs, we used one of the fastest growing design tools, Figma. Figma allows us to create professional designs quickly for every type of page we need on both desktop and mobile devices as well as rapidly prototype new ideas.

When the final designs were ready, we sent them to Game Kings for approval.


With the designs signed off, we began developing the loyalty system. On the admin side we integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a secure admin area, store the loyalty data, and handle all the loyalty system processes.

The admin area was created with Gatsby which helps to create web applications with blazing fast loading times. Each staff member’s login is managed and provisioned with AWS Cognito, which also provides two factor authentication for optimal security. 

The loyalty system’s data, such as loyalty point transactions, loyalty accounts, and loyalty products, is all stored in AWS DynamoDB which is a serverless NoSQL database. The choice of DynamoDB means everybody’s data is secure and the delivery of that data is incredibly fast and cost-effective.

Then the loyalty system’s processes is a serverless API created with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. When people interact with the loyalty system on the store, they interact with this API which then communicates with the database as well as Shopify through the Shopify GraphQL API to generate discount codes or give customers the right product.

On top of the web application work, we integrated the web application seamlessly into the Shopify store so that when customers are using the loyalty system it feels and looks the same as the rest of the website.

When the loyalty system was ready, we sent through a staging link for Game Kings to test and approve.


With the staging link signed off and everything ready to go live, we scheduled a go-live date for the loyalty system and prepared for launch.

As part of the go-live process, we perform a full quality assurance to ensure every process works as expected with no surprises, and we remove any historic data or transactions created for testing purposes.

After the website passed all of our QA tests, we deployed it all live with no issues.

The Results

With the launch of the loyalty system, Game Kings is enjoying a fully integrated web application that provides the flexibility to implement new ways to earn or spend loyalty points to boost customer retention and sales, processing over 6000 loyalty transactions in their first month.

Project Details

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Technologies Used

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