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KiwiSprout is helping Auckland businesses generate results from Google Ads that matter to their business with transparent reporting and tested strategies.

How do we help Auckland businesses with Google Ads?

KiwiSprout supports Auckland businesses with the setup and management of Google Ads campaigns. Previously known as “Google AdWords”, Google Ads is an advertising platform that can put you in front of the people that matter to your business. Our team of certified experts know how to maximise your return on investment by using proven strategies to effectively engage your target audience.

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15x Advertising ROI

Sisters & Co is one of New Zealand's leading high-end department stores bringing you many of the world's coveted designers online and at their Bay of Plenty store.

KiwiSprout are the dedicated Shopify partners for Sisters & Co, providing ongoing value with Shopify development, cross-channel advertising, and custom commerce experiences.

Learn how our cross-channel advertising strategy has 15x returns on advertising spend across all channels.

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Why should Auckland businesses use Google Ads?

Anyone from New Zealand would likely know that Auckland has the highest population density in the country, which translates to higher house prices, more competition, and naturally more businesses in Auckland. Approximately 35% of all businesses are based in Auckland as of 2019, making it a competitive landscape for businesses to stand out.

With Google Ads, Auckland businesses can get in front of the right people that can turn into leads or sales for your business. With the right approach, Google Ads can show you as the first result in local searches done by Aucklanders or any other group that you target, allowing you to “jump the queue” and increase the visibility of your business.

On the other hand, you also have more people competing for those top advertising spots in Auckland, which is why it’s important to partner with an agency that knows how to create effective advertising campaigns to make your business stand out from the rest.

What format of advertising is best for my Auckland business?

The four main types of Google Ad campaigns are Search, Display, Shopping and Video campaigns. To create an effective advertising strategy that generates results, most Auckland businesses will use 2-3 of these campaign types to reach as many people as possible that match their desired target audience.

For Auckland stores, the most valuable type of campaign is a Shopping campaign. Google Shopping ads show your products at the top of search results, including a photo and other unique information that can entice the prospective customer to engage with your ad. In our experience, Shopping campaigns net the best returns for stores and in conjunction with a platform like Shopify, can create a reliable source of cash flow for your business.

For other types of Auckland businesses, such as service-based businesses, the most common choice is Search campaigns because they are the easiest to set up. Search ads typically appear on the first page of Google and look similar to a search result, putting you in front of the organic search results. If applicable to your brand and target audience, Display and Video campaigns will enable you to reach more people in different places, such as YouTube videos, apps, and other websites, making both of these campaigns a valuable part of most advertising strategies.