Google Ads Tauranga

KiwiSprout helps businesses in Tauranga setup and manage their Google Ads to effectively deliver results for your business.

How do we help Tauranga businesses with Google Ads?

KiwiSprout uses Google Ads to generate sales, leads, and traffic for businesses in Tauranga. As part of our Google Ads management, we provide services such as:

  • Connecting Google Ads to your website so we can accurately track sales or leads from Google Ads.
  • Managing and optimising campaigns to increase your return on investment.
  • Regular reporting and communication so you know exactly how your campaign is performing.
  • Creating or redesign websites and landing pages, including Shopify stores or business websites, to improve the effectiveness of your advertising and better engage your website visitors.
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15x Advertising ROI

Sisters & Co is one of New Zealand's leading high-end department stores bringing you many of the world's coveted designers online and at their Bay of Plenty store.

KiwiSprout are the dedicated Shopify partners for Sisters & Co, providing ongoing value with Shopify development, cross-channel advertising, and custom commerce experiences.

Learn how our cross-channel advertising strategy has 15x returns on advertising spend across all channels.

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Calculate your potential return from advertising.

Conversion Value / CostThe amount of sales you earn from every $1 spent on advertising
Monthly Ad SpendThe amount you spend each month on advertising

Get results that matter

Ditch the smoke and mirrors; work with an agency that can show you how their advertising campaigns have benefited your business. Our team regularly works with businesses in a variety of industries and knows what sort of results matter to your business. We place a high priority on effective tracking of your goals, whether that be more leads or sales, and our reporting as well as our communication reflects the end results that you want for your business.

What metrics should I be tracking for Google Ads?

The metrics you choose to monitor will depend on your specific business, as well as what your business goals are.

For ecommerce stores, such as a Shopify store that sells products online, your main metrics to track are typically conversion value / cost and total sales from advertising. Conversion value / cost is how much you make in sales for each dollar of advertising spent, for example, a conversion value / cost of $10 would mean that for every $1 of advertising, you generated $10 in sales. These two metrics are important for ecommerce stores because they describe how much money you’re making with advertising, as well as how much money you are making relative to what you spend.

For other businesses you may use similar metrics, but depending on how people “convert”, it may be a bit more difficult to accurately track the total conversions from advertising. This is why it’s important to partner with an agency that knows how to best track conversions for your reporting, such as knowing how to attribute phone calls to advertising accurately, and how to track specific website actions to signal a conversion.