Google Ads Wellington

KiwiSprout helps local Wellington businesses with the setup and management of their Google Ads to effectively deliver results and get you found online.

How do we help Wellington businesses with Google Ads?

KiwiSprout helps Wellington businesses with:

  • Setting up your website to track leads or sales generated from Google Ads
  • Creating and managing advertising campaigns that deliver results.
  • Optimising your advertising campaigns to increase your return on investment.
  • Regular reporting so businesses can understand the impact advertising is having on their business with no smoke and mirrors.

15x Advertising ROI

Sisters & Co is one of New Zealand's leading high-end department stores bringing you many of the world's coveted designers online and at their Bay of Plenty store.

KiwiSprout are the dedicated Shopify partners for Sisters & Co, providing ongoing value with Shopify development, cross-channel advertising, and custom commerce experiences.

Learn how our cross-channel advertising strategy has 15x returns on advertising spend across all channels.

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Calculate your potential return from advertising.

Conversion Value / CostThe amount of sales you earn from every $1 spent on advertising
Monthly Ad SpendThe amount you spend each month on advertising

Why should Wellington businesses use Google Ads over other advertising platforms?

A comprehensive advertising strategy will use a variety of advertising platforms, such as advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and even TikTok. Within the context of most Wellington businesses though, Google Ads is the most effective at reaching your target audience, whether that be other local Wellington businesses or a niche audience of potential customers.

One key benefit of advertising with Google is that it’s mostly cost per click, meaning you don’t pay for someone to simply see your ad, but instead you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can also control the budget that you spend, allowing you to limit your total spend to a comfortable amount to avoid breaking the bank.

One of the best benefits of Google Ads though is that it makes it simple to measure your return on investment (ROI), which allows Wellington businesses to easily understand whether or not Google Ads is working for their business.

Google Ads + Shopify

If you operate a store in Wellington, using Shopify in conjunction with Google Ads can boost your sales with effective ecommerce advertising.

Shopify is a platform for creating and managing online stores; as certified Shopify experts, our team can help you set up an online store quickly and effectively, increasing your sales. For stores that are already on the Shopify platform, we can help connect Shopify with Google Ads to show your products directly in the search results with a Google Shopping campaign.

Google Shopping is a format of advertising that will typically show your products, including their name, price, and a photo, at the top of search results. Google Shopping in our experience is the most effective format of advertising for stores because it advertises your product directly to customers, and clicking on the ad takes customers straight to the product page to add it to their cart.

Shopify can help boost sales through Google Ads because our team of experts know how to use Shopify to its full potential to make your advertising as effective as possible, including benefits like:

  • Showing your products review rating to make your advert more reputable.
  • Showing if you offer free shipping on the advert, shipping is a major decision making factor for customers.
  • Showing if your product is on sale or low in stock to generate urgency.
  • Styling and optimising your product page to increase so that more people who click on your ad turn into sales.