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We are New Zealand’s leading experts in integrating Headless CMS solutions into digital projects to provide a secure and scalable model for our clients. If you’re looking for a flexible content management system that can scale with your business, get in touch with us.

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless Content Management Systems (CMS) are redefining how modern websites are both built and managed. By separating where you manage your content from where you customers interact, a Headless CMS provides better security at a faster loading time and lower infrastructure cost.

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Goulburn Physiotherapy is a leader in injury prevention, individual and community health, and workplace health solutions across Central Victoria.

Goulburn Physiotherapy has always been ahead of the curve in their field, and they reached out to KiwiSprout because they wanted a website that reflected that with the latest in web development technology trends. Learn how we created a progressive web app for Central Victoria's leading Physiotherapy Clinic.

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How do we use a Headless CMS?

We use Headless content management systems for our clients’ serverless websites and serverless web applications to deliver a product-centric experience to our digital projects. By using a Headless CMS such as Prismic or Contentful, our clients can enjoy better security, improved productivity and high performing digital projects.

Headless CMS for web applications

A Headless CMS can be used in conjunction with your web application to provide a “marketing layer” to your web application. Instead of having your web application separate from your marketing efforts, you can manage both securely in one place while providing fast loading times and a low infrastructure cost.

Going Serverless

Cathy O'Shea is Hamilton's leading real estate agent with over 1400 happy clients. To increase her reach further, KiwiSprout was tasked with developing a new website that engages visitors and generates leads. Learn how we created a progressive web app website showcasing Hamilton Real Estate.

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