Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce gives you full creative control over your store with faster loading times and the ability to create highly personalised experiences for your customers. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), customers are looking for new ways they can shop at their favourite stores, Headless Commerce provides a solution that allows you to sell virtually anywhere.

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless Commerce separates the “store” your customers interact with from the services that work in the background to make your store operate, such as stock management and order fulfilment. Headless Commerce allows you to sell on a variety of platforms with full creative control, such as on a website, a mobile application, voice assistants, chatbots, and more all at the same time, using your “Headless Commerce” as the central brain of your operations that connects with all of these platforms.

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Increasing Conversion Rate by 34%

Sisters & Co is one of New Zealand's leading high-end department stores bringing you many of the world's coveted designers online and at their Bay of Plenty store.

KiwiSprout are the dedicated Shopify partners for Sisters & Co, providing ongoing value with Shopify development, cross-channel advertising, and custom commerce experiences.

Learn how we redesigned their Shopify Plus website to achieve a 34% higher conversion rate and 280% faster loading times.

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Headless Commerce With Shopify

Shopify can be used as a Headless Commerce platform, separating your front-end design with your back-end infrastructure to deliver a consistent and amazing experience across a variety of platforms. By using Shopify as a Headless Commerce platform you have full control over how your store looks and works, allowing you to captivate your customers and drive sales in ways that aren’t possible with a normal Shopify store, allowing for full creative control.

Cross-Platform Headless Ecommerce

Headless Ecommerce allows us to connect your central services like stock management and order fulfillment to multiple platforms such as a website, mobile application, chatbots, and other media. By being able to share your store across different platforms while providing a native experience, you can increase your sales and engage your customers in new ways.

Developing a custom loyalty solution

From humble beginnings as a Trade Me account started in 2015, Game Kings is now New Zealand's largest online store dedicated to tabletop gaming.

Learn how we created a custom loyalty system that integrates with their new Shopify store, providing a unique shopping experience that engages customers.

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