JAMstack, standing for “Javascript, APIs, and Markup”, is the modern web development architecture that helps us scale our clients' businesses and deliver meaningful results to their digital projects.

How do we use JAMstack?

We use JAMstack to produce high performing websites and web applications. By utilising JAMstack and the serverless architecture together, we can provide our clients with better performance, higher security, easier scaling, and cheaper infrastructure costs.

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Developing a Data Collection Application for Android, iOS and the Web

Locale Central is a data collection app that makes it easy to record data out on the field. As part of our full service application development, we needed to create an application for the web and for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Additional to this, a serverless website was also needed to be created that communicates the benefits of Locale Central and onboards prospective users. Learn how we carried out our full service application development that delivers and markets the application across all platforms.

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JAMstack for web applications

We use the JAMstack to produce serverless web applications for our clients. By using the JAMstack to create web applications, we can provide our clients with fast loading web applications that scale beautifully to demand and consistently deliver a great experience on all modern devices. By using the JAMstack, we can also blend web applications with a traditional website, providing you with a secure and high performing marketing front to your web application.

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Goulburn Physiotherapy is a leader in injury prevention, individual and community health, and workplace health solutions across Central Victoria.

Goulburn Physiotherapy has always been ahead of the curve in their field, and they reached out to KiwiSprout because they wanted a website that reflected that with the latest in web development technology trends. Learn how we created a progressive web app for Central Victoria's leading Physiotherapy Clinic.

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JAMstack for websites

We use the JAMstack to create serverless websites for our clients that deliver results. Our JAMstack sites typically use Gatsby paired with a Headless CMS like Prismic to provide a sleek user experience that loads quickly and is packed with features your customers will love. If you’re tired of slow WordPress websites that use a bunch of plugins, you will love building with the JAMstack.