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Interested in working with us? We hire the best talent around New Zealand to produce the best work for our clients. In return, our team enjoys a flexible working environment that promotes a healthier lifestyle working from home, a growth-focused career, and remuneration that reflects your status as being at the top of your field. Learn more about joining our team below.

What is it like to work at KiwiSprout?

At the forefront of our company is our core values and culture. At KiwiSprout, you’ll be working with some of New Zealand’s leading brands to deliver results and projects utilising the latest in technology and trends.

Our company culture encourages communicating often and building positive working relationships within our team while facilitating whole-person growth. We like to teach not tell, and we want everyone to feel like they can ask for help and be heard.

What is it like to work remotely?

If you have never worked remotely before, working with us will be a new experience. Remote work often attracts people who value autonomy, flexibility and personal career development. Most people work from home, but you can work from wherever you want with a flexible work schedule.

In our experience, remote work enables a healthy work-life balance by cutting down on unnecessary time sinks such as commuting to work, and by providing the flexibility to take the time to enjoy activities like exercising, cooking at home, and other healthy pursuits. From a company perspective, we like to enable our team to do these things because we know it reduces stress and improves overall happiness, which reinforces our culture and translates to better productivity.

Are you ready to join us?

If working with us sounds like a career you are interested in, please send your C.V to