KiwiSprout’s Core Values

Our core values support our team and clients to produce results and create captivating experiences while inspiring the culture we uphold as an agency. Learn more about the core values that define us as an agency below.

Empowerment through culture

Every company has a culture whether they know it or not. Our culture is a core part of KiwiSprout that empowers our team to produce great work for our clients. We understand that to get the best results, you have to put your team in the best conditions. We aim to do this by allowing for flexibility and autonomy, as well as creating a positive work environment that encourages teamwork, communication and personal development.

Sustainable business practices

We value sustainability in all areas of our work. For the environment, we aim to achieve sustainability through our remote culture by removing the need for our team to commute to a common place of work, as well as encouraging a paperless approach to our communication and documentation which reduces the amount of waste from paper, printer ink, and other materials.

For our work, we strive to exhibit sustainable business practices by putting a focus on quality work that grows and evolves with our clients. One of the ways we aim to achieve for our clients is by minimising “technical debt”, which is a concept meaning “as more changes get made to a project, the harder it gets to make future changes”. We aim to minimise technical debt by putting a priority on creating perfect long term solutions from the start.

Growing together

KiwiSprout as an entity does not exist just to grow itself; we aspire to grow the passionate people, companies, and communities around us so that we all become the leaders or pioneers in our respective passions.

For our internal team, we exhibit this core value by facilitating whole person growth for both personal and professional development; we want every member of our team to be able to grow with us as their career advances and evolves.

For our clients, we are always thinking of new ways to elevate their projects and business to take them to the next level, as well as looking for opportunities for growth using the latest technology and industry trends.

Celebrating Success

We endeavour to celebrate the successes of ourselves and our clients. Big or small, we love to give proper recognition to wins such as record sales for a client’s store or new achievements for our team because we know celebrating success reinforces the meaning behind hard work and shows our appreciation for letting us be a part of these great milestones.