Legacy Application Migration

Migrating your legacy application can be a big task, especially when it is crucial to your operations. We are experts at migrating legacy applications to the serverless architecture to leverage modern technology for your business.

Why Serverless?

Serverless applications are high performing, scalable and cost less to run. This allows you to spend less money on infrastructure, and redistribute that to other areas of your business. We love working with serverless applications because they use the latest technology and allow us to focus on building amazing applications instead of wasting time managing servers.

Migrating with KiwiSprout

Our clients choose us to migrate their legacy applications to serverless because they know we have the skills and experience to make the process as smooth as possible. We can help you take full advantage of the features of serverless architecture and modern technology that captivates your users.

The Serverless Experts

If you’re not sure if serverless is the right fit for you, have a chat with us. We know what serverless is capable of, and we can help you form an action plan that migrates your application while minimising downtime and data-loss during the transfer.

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