Upgrading the customer experience for Hamilton’s boutique store for children’s clothing and accessories.

Shopify Website Redesign

Little Mash is enjoying the upgraded shopping experience for their customers.

The Challenge

Little Mash is Hamilton’s boutique store for children’s clothing and accessories with a combined following of over 50,000 users across social media platforms.

KiwiSprout was engaged to redesign the Little Mash website to better reflect their existing branding, and provide an engaging experience for their customers.

The Process

Planning & Research

We started by learning more about their branding and exploring how their target audience currently interacts with their website.

From our research we learnt that it was key to effectively promote the local New Zealand brands that Little Mash stocks and supports. We also learnt that a lot of customers dropped off at the cart stage, and made it a priority in the design to create a great cart experience.


During the design phase, we experimented with different layouts and aesthetics before settling on our final design. To create these designs, we used Figma which allows us to create professional designs quickly for every type of page we need on both desktop and mobile devices.

To make sure we provide the best shopping experience, we did a full user experience audit of the old website to identify how we could engage customers effectively. This led to a major refresh of most pages to streamline the buying process, improving the website’s conversion rate.


With the designs signed off, we began developing the website in Shopify. As we develop the website, our changes occur on a staging link in Shopify, so that we can show our client where we are at during check-ins.

As part of our development, we created and integrated a custom serverless API that handles the customer’s wishlist. This allows Little Mash to customise how the wishlist works to their liking, and leverage the data analytics in their marketing. Additional to the wishlist, their API also handles predictive searching to quickly deliver the best search results for customers. The benefit of their serverless API is that it scales with demand automatically so that when a new brand or sale drops, all services continue to load quickly and without issue.


With everything ready to go live, we set up a continuous integration and continuous deployment workflow using GitLab CI/CD so that any future changes are automatically tested and seamlessly synced with the live website after they've passed our rigorous tests.

When you go live with a major change, you want to make sure it happens quickly and without issue; using CI/CD ensures that nothing goes live in a broken state to maintain the best possible experience for customers.

After the website passed all of our quality assurance tests, we deployed it live with no issue.

The Results

Little Mash is enjoying their improved shopping experience, with a 27% increase in conversion rate, and 14% increase in average order value.