Serverless Website Development

Tired of using old platforms like WordPress? Talk to us about developing a serverless website. Serverless websites use the latest technology to deliver high performing and engaging experiences for your visitors.

Why make a serverless website?

Businesses are a great fit for serverless websites because they scale with demand, which provides consistently great speed and performance at a low cost for infrastructure. We believe serverless is the future for websites and applications, and clients love the functionality and automation we can deliver with serverless websites.

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Goulburn Physiotherapy is a leader in injury prevention, individual and community health, and workplace health solutions across Central Victoria.

Goulburn Physiotherapy has always been ahead of the curve in their field, and they reached out to KiwiSprout because they wanted a website that reflected that with the latest in web development technology trends. Learn how we created a progressive web app for Central Victoria's leading Physiotherapy Clinic.

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Integration, Automation & Functionality

With a serverless website, you can leverage the complexities of an application directly within your website. This allows you to create and integrate tools and features that give you a competitive edge over your normal website while delivering a seamless user experience that leaves your website visitors delighted.

Progressive Web Apps

Every serverless website we create fulfills the criteria to be a progressive web application. Progressive web apps are websites that have passed the tests by Google to prove themselves as reliable, fast and engaging. By passing the progressive web app criteria, users can install the serverless website directly onto their phone like they would with any other app. Progressive web apps can also send push notifications to users, providing a new channel to re-engage with website visitors to generate leads and sales.

Going Serverless

Cathy O'Shea is Hamilton's leading real estate agent with over 1400 happy clients. To increase her reach further, KiwiSprout was tasked with developing a new website that engages visitors and generates leads. Learn how we created a progressive web app website showcasing Hamilton Real Estate.

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