Serverless technology offers greater scalability, flexibility, and performance for your digital projects, all at a reduced cost. We are New Zealand's leading experts in serverless technology with a portfolio of web applications, mobile applications, integrations, websites and automation that leverage serverless technology.

Serverless Computing as an Architecture

Serverless Architecture is hosting and computing infrastructure on demand. Serverless allows you to build and operate applications, websites, automation and more without the need to manage servers; clients love this because it allows their projects to scale with demand, perform faster, and often cost significantly less to operate.

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Web Application Development

Our clients recommend us for web application development because they know we have a track record of delivering results, leveraging the latest technology to provide genuine value for their businesses. We produce web applications using serverless architecture so that your application has amazing performance whether one user or one million users are interacting with it. As New Zealand’s serverless experts, we can provide a competitive edge for your web applications that other agencies cannot.

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Developing a Data Collection Application for Android, iOS and the Web

Locale Central is a data collection app that makes it easy to record data out on the field. As part of our full service application development, we needed to create an application for the web and for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Additional to this, a serverless website was also needed to be created that communicates the benefits of Locale Central and onboards prospective users. Learn how we carried out our full service application development that delivers and markets the application across all platforms.

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Serverless Website Development

Serverless websites leverage modern technology to give our clients a competitive edge. Businesses are a great fit for serverless websites because they scale with demand, which provides consistently great speed and performance at a low cost for infrastructure. We pair serverless architecture with GatsbyJS and a headless CMS such as Prismic or Contentful to provide the best security, content management, and engagement that delights your customers.

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Goulburn Physiotherapy is a leader in injury prevention, individual and community health, and workplace health solutions across Central Victoria.

Goulburn Physiotherapy has always been ahead of the curve in their field, and they reached out to KiwiSprout because they wanted a website that reflected that with the latest in web development technology trends. Learn how we created a progressive web app for Central Victoria's leading Physiotherapy Clinic.

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Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re looking to release an app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, or wanting to develop an internal mobile application for your team to use, our team of experienced mobile application developers can help you create a mobile app that everybody loves to use.

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Developing a custom loyalty solution

From humble beginnings as a Trade Me account started in 2015, Game Kings is now New Zealand's largest online store dedicated to tabletop gaming.

Learn how we created a custom loyalty system that integrates with their new Shopify store, providing a unique shopping experience that engages customers.

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Full Service Application Development

When it comes to creating a new application, we can provide you with everything you need to deliver and market your application across all platforms. We create serverless web applications, mobile applications, and websites, as well as design and implement marketing campaigns for your applications.

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Legacy Application Migration

Is your application becoming stagnant and difficult to maintain? We’re experts at migrating legacy applications to the serverless architecture by transforming your processes into microservices and leveraging our technology partners such as Amazon Web Services. If you want to breathe new life into your old application, get in contact with us about auditing your application and how we could make it serverless.

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Our Serverless Product-Centric Approach

Our product-centric approach to projects pairs well with our serverless projects. Serverless technology allows you to easily add and integrate new data, functionality and automation into your existing applications with microservices. We work with our clients to plan and design feature roadmaps, allowing us to regularly provide new features to our digital projects.

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