15x Google Ads ROI with New Zealand's leading store for women's designer clothing.

Ecommerce Advertising

The Challenge

Sisters & Co is New Zealand’s leading store for women's designer clothing with a combined following of 37,000 users across social media platforms and 4 stores across New Zealand.

Sisters & Co reached out to KiwiSprout because they knew our experience in Shopify and ecommerce advertising would help them to continue reaching even more people across New Zealand.

The Process

Planning & Research

The metric Conversion Value/Cost is the amount of money you get back in sales from $1 in ad spend. Typically, most stores will want at least a $2.50 Conversion Value/Cost to “break even” on advertising, we wanted to see Sisters & Co achieve at least a $10 Conversion Value/Cost; so for every $1 of ad spend, they’d get $10 in sales.

To achieve our ambitious goal, we knew we would also have to make improvements to the store as well. The conversion rate was reasonable for the industry, but we were confident that with user experience improvements we could make it even better.

We also identified a set of improvements that could be made to product pages so they could perform better in both advertising and in general. High quality photography, well written descriptions, optimized titles, and a strong set of customer reviews helps to produce great advertising results.

Campaign Implementation

Sisters & Co was happy with all of our suggestions, and we were ready to begin implementing our campaign and changes.

Google Shopping is naturally the best campaign type for ecommerce, so initially we focused on getting that set up. Alongside setting up the campaign, we also worked on improving the user experience of the website so that we could convert a higher proportion of traffic into paying customers.

Ongoing Optimisation

As we continue to grow their advertising, we expanded out into other formats of advertising to reach even more people, and identify the audiences that will net us the best results.

The Results

When we started, our goal was to reach a Conversion Value/Cost of $10, so far we’ve surpassed that goal with an average Conversion Value/Cost of $15.62 across a 9 month period where we also achieved:

  • 2.71 million impressions
  • An average conversion rate of 2.75%

We couldn’t be more happy with the results, and we’re excited to continue to work with Sisters & Co to achieve even greater results in 2020.

Project Details

Client: Sisters & CoLink: sistersandco.co.nz

Technologies Used

Google AdsGoogle AnalyticsShopify