Fashion at your fingertips with a Shopify-integrated mobile app.

Mobile Application Development

Sisters & Co is bringing their Shopify store directly to the home screen with their new mobile application for iOS and Android.

The Challenge

Sisters & Co is New Zealand’s leading store for women's designer clothing, supporting the local brands and fashion industry by bringing the best products to their customers.

KiwiSprout has worked with Sisters & Co to redesign their website, elevate their marketing, and more, as part of our product-centric approach. Our product-centric approach means that we continue to provide value to our clients so that they are always at the top of their game, and to continue with that trend Sisters & Co engaged us to develop their mobile application.

Sisters & Co wanted a mobile application that integrated with their Shopify store so that people could browse and purchase products all inside the mobile app, as well as putting the spotlight on their designers, brands, and editorial pieces. They knew our combined experience with Shopify and mobile applications made us the perfect fit for this project.

The Process

Planning & Research

We worked closely with the Sisters & Co team to plan how their mobile application would work, and how we can provide the best possible experience for customers. As part of this work, we created focus groups to understand how the app should work, and performed user experience audits on competitors’ apps to identify ways to streamline the buying process.

From our research and planning, we created a functional brief documenting how the app would work, scenarios for how a customer would use the app to purchase products, how the app would integrate with Shopify, and what backend architecture we would create to support the app. After reviewing the functional brief and confirming it was satisfactory with the key stakeholders, we started work on the designs.


Our first part of the design phase involved rapidly prototyping and testing different layouts, before settling on the layout used in the final product. With our experimentation, we were able to identify what the best layout is for the mobile application, and considered new approaches to the shopping experience.

When designing a mobile app, we also test the layout on different devices to ensure that all aspects of the design look great on devices. To create and test these designs, we used Figma which allows both ourselves and our client to test a mock version of the app on different devices to identify any areas where we can improve the user experience. After the client signed off on the designs, we started work on the development.


With the designs signed off, we began developing the mobile app with React Native and Expo, using our functional brief from the planning phase to streamline development.

As part of our development, we created a GraphQL API using AWS AppSync which we use to communicate with our resources like databases and analytics, as well as directly with Shopify. 

One of the most valuable features of mobile apps is the ability to send push notifications, which can notify users of new sales or promotions directly on their phone, even when the mobile app is not open. We set up this valuable marketing tool for Sisters & Co, which is used to drive more sales through the app and keep their customers engaged with the latest brand arrivals. As part of our push notification setup, we created a web application dedicated to scheduling and sending push notifications, simplifying that process for their staff.

Throughout the process of developing the mobile app, we also had regular check-ins with Sisters & Co so that they could test the app and provide feedback, ensuring that we stayed on track with their vision and promptly addressed any concerns.


Before we launched the mobile app, we performed a full quality assurance to ensure a consistently high standard of quality was provided across all iOS and Android devices. When our quality assurance was complete, we handled the review process with Apple and Google and went live on both app stores with no issue.

The Results

Sisters & Co is now available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To learn more about the app, visit this link

The Sisters & Co mobile app has provided Sisters & Co with a new source of sales for their Shopify store that customers regularly use, along with a new set of ways to engage with their customers to drive more sales and brand loyalty.

Project Details

Date Published: 25/04/20Client: Sisters & CoLink:

Technologies Used

React NativeAWSGraphQLFigmaShopify API