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As New Zealand’s serverless experts, we can provide a competitive edge for your web applications that other agencies cannot. We produce web applications using serverless architecture so that your application has amazing performance whether one user or a million users are interacting with it.

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Our team of web application developers have a proven track record of creating high performing web applications that deliver results. Check out our case studies to try some of our web applications and see our capabilities for yourself.

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Developing a Data Collection Application for Android, iOS and the Web

Locale Central is a data collection app that makes it easy to record data out on the field. As part of our full service application development, we needed to create an application for the web and for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Additional to this, a serverless website was also needed to be created that communicates the benefits of Locale Central and onboards prospective users. Learn how we carried out our full service application development that delivers and markets the application across all platforms.

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Why Make a Serverless Web Application?

Serverless web applications scale with demand, allowing you to consistently provide a great experience to your users no matter how many people are using it at a low cost for infrastructure. Serverless web applications also allow you to easily add new microservices on the fly, enabling you to regularly release new features to your serverless web application.

Our Product-Centric Approach

Our product-centric approach to web applications allows us to become a true partner to your business. We treat all of our web applications as high quality products, collaborating with our clients to regularly release new features to add maximum value to their businesses.