4 Easy Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

4 Easy Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks

Link building is essential to getting traffic online, this guide is designed to teach you 4 easy ways you can build high quality backlinks for your website.

The Skyscraper method

The Skyscraper method of link building relies on your ability to add value to a topic but when done correctly you’ve got yourself a repeatable method to easily build up backlinks.

The short summary of the Skyscraper method is that you find a popular article, make a better version of it, and then ask people who linked to the original article to link to your own better article.

The first step is picking a search term you’d like to rank for, and then start looking for related topics that match the following criteria:

  • It’s got a lot of people linking to it
  • You can add value to a copy of the article in your own words

To see if how many people are linking to a page, I use MozBar which shows how many people are linking to a page, you could also use tools like Open Site Explorer or this backlink checker from smallseotools.


Once you’ve found an article that meets your criteria, write your own version of it. Look for parts that don’t make sense, outdated research, gaps in the information or areas where you can add your own perspective.

After you’ve written and published your own version of the article, go back and email the website owners that linked to the original article asking them to link to your own article.

Make sure to include why they should bother linking to your article, is it more up to date? Does it offer more detail? No one is going to link to your article without a good reason which is why you have to add value to your copy of the original article.

Guest posting

Guest posting is an easy to follow method for building backlinks that other website owners love as well.

What you do is simple, find websites you’d like to build backlinks on and get in contact asking if you could write a guest post for them with a link back to your own website.

Typically you should also include past examples of your writing work so they can know if you’re a right fit, other examples of your guest posting is great for this.

This is mutually beneficial because the website owner gets fresh content for their own website and you get your high quality backlink that’s focused on whatever topic you like.

Make a study

You don’t always have to contact website owners to build backlinks; another way is by creating something that’s worth being linked.

This is where studies come in, by making a relevant study you can bring new facts or information into the industry, and then when someone wants to cite the information from your study they will typically link back to the original source, your website.

This can have a snowball effect because the more people that cite your study the more exposure it will get, which in turn gets more people using the results from your study in their own website.

Ask yourself what would be good to know about your industry, look at other industry facts and information that are widely used but are missing a specific condition. For example, you may know the average word count for the first result in Google is say 2000 words globally, but what’s the average word count for the first result in Google for the top 10 keywords in your industry?

Collate your own research

If you can’t create, collate.

Assemble as much information as you can about a topic and put it all in one place. HubSpot did a good example of this themselves with their marketing statistics page.

By doing this, you’ll get people using your site as a reference for the topic because it’s they’re able to cite it all with one link.