The Top 7 Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

The Top 7 Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

In a sea of marketing blogs it can be hard to figure out what’s worth your time reading.

Every blog will say they’re the best, hubris or not, and it’s your job to sift the valuable from the redundant.

To make that a little easier, I’ve compiled this list of my top 7 marketing blogs that are worth your time reading that I recommend you check out.

Neil Patel


If you love detail, Neil Patel’s blog should be your go to reading material. Neil Patel is a well-known influencer in the marketing industry and his experience shows in the depth and detail of his blog. His name was made primarily with the SEO sector but he’ also created a lot of content on almost every aspect of digital marketing from conversion rate optimization to email marketing.

Every blog post is often over 3000 words but you won’t find any filler, Neil goes very granular covering almost every aspect of what he’s writing about. Reading his posts can be a time commitment, but it’s definitely worth your while.



KlientBoost isn’t a particularly infamous marketing blog in the grand scheme of the blogging space but they’re seriously underrated in terms of quality of content.

Their writing style often leads towards a more light hearted approach; I particularly like their usage of gifs to separate themselves from the stock standard crowd.

Their main focus is PPC and Conversion Rate Optimization where they offer a lot of fresh perspective and unique approaches backed by trialed data to guide people towards success in their own campaigns.

Search Engine Land


Search Engine Land is probably the closest thing to journalism that I read these days. They provide a lot of helpful tactics and guides but what I like best is their reporting on the latest news from the search industry that’s accurate and well-cited. Their focus is primarily on SEO & SEM but if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with Google’s SEO algorithm and other search engine news I find this to be the easiest source of information.



HubSpot’s blog has really started taking off these past few years, covering a wide range of topics from marketing to sales and customer success. Some of their articles can fall flat for me because I don’t find the topic interesting but their value is in the range of topics they cover and high frequency of content.



Everyone should know Moz for the tools they offer, but their blog is gold too. What I like best is their Whiteboard Friday posts which break down often complicated topics into very easily understood chunks with a bunch of great reference material and a writing style that reminds of hashing out and sharing ideas with friends.

Moz’s main focus is on SEO but you’ll find a lot of online marketing blog posts as well from a wide range of topics, backgrounds and perspectives.



Kissmetrics is a blog all about marketing, analytics and split testing. What I like best about their content is the fact based approach they take with their writing, relying on data strongly with every point they make to come to their conclusion. You’ll often see a lot of graphs and infographics on their website making it a great blog for skim readers and full readers alike.

A Better Lemonade Stand


If you like a practical perspective, you’ll love A Better Lemonade Stand. The entire blog is steeped in real life experiences aimed at building up ecommerce businesses at any stage of their life whether it be from scratch or further down the life cycle. The topics covered aren’t all marketing, with a lot of it dedicated to the business side of ecommerce as well such as product choice and logistics. If you’re looking to improve your marketing for an ecommerce site, A Better Lemonade Stand is a great blog for you.