Partnering with Shopify Plus and High Growth Stores

KiwiSprout is a New Zealand digital agency that offers strategic partnerships to Shopify Plus and high growth stores. If you're looking at making the move to Shopify Plus, or need a dedicated digital partner for your store, get in touch with us.

Strategic partners for Shopify Plus and high growth stores

KiwiSprout is a New Zealand digital agency that offers strategic partnerships to Shopify Plus and high growth stores. Here are some of the areas we typically assist our partners with:

  • Shopify development: We are experienced Shopify developers that can help with maintaining the health of Shopify websites, implementing new website elements and integrating apps/technologies.
  • Ecommerce strategy: We create engaging shopping experiences for Shopify stores that grow sales and increase conversion rate, leveraging the full capabilities of Shopify and Shopify Plus.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): SEO is the process of improving a websites position in search engines (primarily Google) to gain more organic traffic.
  • Digital advertising: We create and manage digital advertising campaigns with strategies that build the most reach for the best returns. Our portfolio of advertising includes ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest.
  • Automation and application development: Our combined experience with Shopify and complex infrastructure allows us to create custom applications and automations for your Shopify store to simplify your workflow, reach customers in new ways, and provide unique experiences on your store.

In summary, we provide ongoing value to Shopify stores to achieve long term growth for our strategic partners.

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Why move to Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify's enterprise eCommerce platform built for merchants generating over $1m in annual revenues. With over 10,000 brands using Shopify Plus worldwide, Shopify Plus is being used to automate, innovate, and grow leading ecommerce stores.

Here are just a few key features with Shopify Plus:

  • The Script Editor gives you the ability to run automatically applied reward/discount strategies at the cart and checkout which helps merchants to improve both their conversion rate and basket size.
  • Scale your B2B with a dedicated wholesale channel.
  • Exclusive access to Launchpad so you can easily plan and automate all of the activities necessary to execute a successful flash sale, product launch, or sales campaign to save you time and resources.
  • Use Shopify Flow to automate processes and business logic, boosting productivity.
  • Go global with expansion stores, bringing your storefront to new markets tailored for different languages, currencies and seasonal trends with localised marketing.

Do you want to learn more about Shopify Plus? Book a free 15 minute video call with the link below for a one-on-one chat about the benefits of Shopify Plus, if your store is the right fit for it, and the upgrading/migration process. No strings attached.

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15x Advertising ROI

Sisters & Co is one of New Zealand's leading high-end department stores bringing you many of the world's coveted designers online and at their Bay of Plenty store.

KiwiSprout are the dedicated Shopify partners for Sisters & Co, providing ongoing value with Shopify development, cross-channel advertising, and custom commerce experiences.

Learn how our cross-channel advertising strategy has 15x returns on advertising spend across all channels.

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Calculate your potential return from advertising.

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New Zealand's Shopify Experts

When you work with KiwiSprout, you're working with an official Shopify Expert agency. Shopify Experts are trusted agencies that are chosen for their strong track record of delivering results for stores, check out our profile to learn more.

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BFCM Ready

From humble beginnings as a Trade Me account started in 2015, Game Kings is now New Zealand's largest online store dedicated to tabletop gaming.

Learn more about how we redesigned their Shopify website with a conversion rate at more than double the average for their industry, effectively engaging customers across desktop and mobile.

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Developing a custom loyalty app for New Zealand's finest craft beer & cider.

Good George Brewing produces New Zealand’s finest craft beer and cider, proudly brewed in Hamilton. Good George engaged KiwiSprout to create a custom loyalty experience for their online store, George Rewards.

Learn more about how we created a best-in-class loyalty experience.

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Custom Shopping Experiences

Kafka's Organic is a Canadian based supplier of nutritious, real food for pets around the world.

Learn how KiwiSprout created a custom shopping experience for Kafka's Organic that has provided a new source of subscriptions and customer engagement with pet owners around the world.

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Technology Partners

We partner with the leading tools and solutions in ecommerce. Whether you need that extra edge in fulfilment, inventory management, customer satisfaction, or any other component of your enterprise, we can help you integrate the best fit for the job.

Local & International Brands

We provide ongoing value for our partners. Our dedicated group of partners include high growth and Shopify Plus stores leading local and international industries.

What is it like to work with KiwiSprout?

We collaborate with our partners to operate as an extension to their core team. With our product-centric approach, we commit fully to the success of our stores. Here are a few things you can expect when working with us:

  • Product Roadmap: Our product roadmaps give our partners a high-level overview on what we have planned for their store, what we're currently working on, and what's newly released. With this approach, no ideas or growth opportunities get lost in the fray, and everybody feels in the loop.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Your dedicated Account Manager is the primary point of contact that facilitates anything you need from our set of capabilities, backed up by a team of experts in a range of skillsets including: Shopify, user experience, advertising, automation, and more.
  • Ecommerce Leaders: We keep up with the latest features for Shopify, Shopify Plus, and ecommerce technology so you don't have to. We identify and implement new opportunities for our stores early, giving our partners a leg up on the competition.
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What can I do with Shopify Plus?

We've compiled some of the main ways our partners use Shopify Plus to support the growth of their store.

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow automates your routine tasks to boost productivity. Choose from a range of useful templates, or create your own custom automations tailored to your business. Automations have three key components:

  • Triggers: Determine when this automation will run, such as when a customer makes an order, or leaves a review.
  • Conditions: Dictate whether your automation should continue, or run different actions depending on factors like order attributes or customer details.
  • Actions: Make something happen, this can be tagging a customer, sending an email, updating a spreadsheet, and many other potential tasks. Shopify Flow integrates with many apps in your Shopify ecosystem or external integrations to provide a huge range of possible automations.

Opportunity: Limited & Out of Stock

Set up automations when stock falls below a certain level, such as:

  • Sending an internal reminder email.
  • Tag low stock products, and use the tag to show them as low stock on the storefront, increasing customer urgency.
  • Automatically unpublish products when they go out of stock, keeping your collections decluttered.

Opportunity: Create marketable customer segments

Segment or directly market to your customers based on factors like customer behaviour, location, and order history.

For example, to market to your "brand advocates", this can be done creating a flow that tags the customer when they leave a positive review in Loox, then using your customer tag to segment and target your positive reviewers in email or other marketing.

Opportunity: Automate your order & fulfilment process

Do you need to run checks, or carry out a regular set of tasks for certain orders? Set up a Shopify Flow to automate your regular operations, such as:

  • Get notified for unusually large or suspicious orders.
  • Deduct inventory from standalone products when brought in a bundle.
  • Tag orders paid with gift cards or that used certain discounts.
  • Filter, transform, and export order data into a spreadsheet.

Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts are used to create personalised experiences for your customers at the checkout and cart stage. Based on the factors your determine, you can modify the customer's cart & checkout such as:

  • Manipulate the price of items or the entire order.
  • Remove or adjust shipping costs & options.
  • Select a default payment method.
  • Disable discounts on a particular order.

Opportunity: Incentivise first time customers

With Shopify Scripts, you can provide a discount to first-time customers only, increasing your rate of new customer acquisition.

Opportunity: Volume based discounts

Set up flexible tiered pricing, display bulk discounts, and offer bulk pricing using Shopify Scripts.

Opportunity: Free gift

Reward customers with a free gift at the checkout, which could be triggered by incentives such as reaching a certain spend threshold, or for their 1 year customer anniversary.

Opportunity: Free Shipping

Offer free or discounted shipping to your VIP customers only at checkout.

Shopify Launchpad

Launchpad is an ecommerce scheduling tool for putting your major events on autopilot. Use Launchpad to automate your flash sales, brand drops, inventory restocks, and more.

No more 2am swap-overs while the customers are sleeping, schedule a start and (optionally) an end date for your event, then let Launchpad do the hard work, including changes like:

  • Publishing a new theme live, then changing it back at your end date. This is great for events where you need to change the homepage.
  • Discount products or collections, then change them back at your end date.
  • Publish products.
  • Set up specific Shopify Scripts to run during your event, such as for a "Buy one get one free" (BOGO) promotion.

Customise the checkout experience

Shopify Plus allows you to edit the checkout experience of your store, ensuring brand consistency, and increasing conversion rate.

Opportunity: Free Shipping Goal

One valuable customisation you can make on the Shopify checkout is prompting customers to add items to their order to reach a free shipping goal. By reminding customers how far away they are from free shipping at the checkout, you can increase your average order value.

Opportunity: Social login

Make it easier for customers to sign in or create an account with social media login buttons. In conjunction with Shopify Multipass (another Shopify Plus feature), you can add buttons to the checkout that allow customers to log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social medias to streamline the buying process.

Headless Commerce

Headless commerce separates the brains from the brawn, using a platform like Shopify Plus as the backend and using a seperate platform for the frontend, such as GatsbyJS or React Native. Why would you want that? Here's a few reasons:

  • By decoupling your storefront and backend systems, you have greater ownership over the site architecture with full creative control, allowing you to create complex, unique, and innovative storefront experiences.
  • Connect multiple customer-facing experiences to the same backend, allowing you to feature your store on the web, as a mobile app, on an IoT enabled device, and anywhere else you can connect to.
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources. Do you want to use Shopify for inventory & orders, but a different solution for content management? Headless Commerce makes it easy.
  • Headless Commerce creates incredibly fast, high performant storefronts.

Learn more about Headless Commerce.

Wholesale & Expansion Stores

Give your buyers access to a separate, password-protected business-to-business (B2B) store. With all the features you need such as:

  • Minimum and maximum order quantities.
  • Sync customers, orders, and inventory into one admin.
  • Set fixed, percentage off, or volume based pricing for your wholesale products.
  • Quickly import wholesale price lists for faster pricing management for large catalogs.

For expanding your B2C offering, Shopify Plus allows you to create 9 additional expansion stores to grow your business internationally. Take your website targeting New Zealand, and quickly launch a counterpart for the Australian market.

With the Shopify organisation admin available in Shopify Plus, you can manage your stores at an organisational level, allowing you to quickly access your stores and view aggregated analytics.

Exclusive Shopify Plus APIs

Shopify Plus gives you access to exclusive APIs, including:

  • Gift Card API: Create and manage gift cards, which can be used by customers as an alternative payment method at the checkout.
  • Multipass API: The multipass API allows you to manage the authentication of your customers across multiple applications, without the need to synchronise any customer databases.
  • User API: Retrieve and list information about your staff accounts.

Additionally, Shopify Plus gives you double the rate limits, which is beneficial for stores with high or unpredictable API request volumes.

Opportunity: Single Sign On (SSO) with Multipass

Let's assume you already have an existing system in place outside of Shopify ecosystem, such as a recipe site or online forum, and you want to let people use their existing accounts on your Shopify store, how do you do that?

With the Multipass API, you can log your existing customers into Shopify with the same account they use for your existing system, providing a seamless transition between your platforms, and leveraging your customer profile data between systems.

Opportunity: Manage permissions in custom applications

Imagine you have a custom Shopify application that you only want select staff members to have access to, or limit staff members to certain actions within the custom app, how can this be done? With the User API, you can get the details of the staff member currently logged in, and use that to conditionally control access to your custom application.

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